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  Forney Veterans of World War I

Partial listing. May or may not have lived in Forney at the time of enlistment. If you have any additions, please send them to us!

WWI Poster

Name Service Comments
Adams, Charles Navy  
Adams, John Bell
Adams, Sebe N.
Adamson, Lee
Alexander, Harvie   African American
Alread, James Thomas
Anderson, George
Anderson, Lee   African American
Arnold, Earl
Arnold, Harold Navy  
Bailey, Roy H.
Ball, Carl A.
Ball, Marion Yates
Banks, Jessie   African American
Barber, Frank   African American
Bowles, Conner
Bradford, Carl
Brennan, Thomas Army  
Briggs, James   African American
Brooks, James K.
Brown, Biney    
Brown, George E.
Brown, John Morgan
Brown, Stephen
Bufkin, John Ed Navy  
Campbell, H.G.
Campbell, James T.
Cary, Seabourne   African American
Cary, William   African American
Causey, Harold
Cavis, Newt C.
Chandler, Bernie Williams
Chapman, Finis Grady
Chenault, G. Newton
Clark, Claude H.
Clark, Isaac R.
Colegrove, Ed
Crane, Charles O.
Crawford, George Homer
Crittenden, Christopher C.
Crouch, Vane Thadius
Crutcher, John   African American
Daugherty, Nova J. Army  
Davis, Loyd
Davis, Richard Perry
Deaton, Gene
Dietz, Virgil Lee
Douglass, James Elliott, Jr.
Dover, Wylie Wade
Duncan, Schuyler Clinton
Edwards, Charles
Ellis, James   African American
Ernest, Dewitt
Eudy, John A.
Evans, Ike   African American
Ewing, Bill
Farmer, Granville Redus
Favors, Henry   African American
Feagans, Charlie   African American
Feagans, Leslie   African American
Flowers, Vessie W.
Garrison, Bausley P.    
Greenwood, D.C.    
Griffin, J.V.    
Hailey, Walter B.    
Haire, Curtis Navy  
Hall, Clifford Conley    
Hamm, James Luther    
Hancox, Luther C.   African American
Hardy, Wilford H.    
Haynes, George B.    
Henry, Felix McCoy    
Hill, Wallace    
Hinton, Albert Anderson    
Hogue, James Louis    
Houston, Peter W.    
Howe, Fred D. Army  
Howell, George Army  
Hughes, A.C.    
Hughes, George, Sr. Army  
Hughes, Joseph E.    
Hurd, Joe Jr.   African American, Buried at Prairie View.
Ivey, Ben E.    
Jacobs, Robert H.    
Johnson, Robert Lee    
Johnson, Roy D.    
Johnson, Roy W.    
Jones, Harry Esteen    
Jones, Herman    
Jones, Sam    
Jordan, Frank M.    
Kelly, George Samuel    
Kelly, Hess C.    
Kemp, Guy Mortimer Navy  
Killian, John R.    
Killian, Norman Army  
Killian, Oscar Army  
Lakey, Jim   African American
Latimer, Arthur Drayton Navy  
Layden, Peter J.    
Layne, Porter B. Army  
Lewis, Cleon S., Sr. Air Service  
Linn, Richard M. Army  
Malone, Moncore W.   African American
McAdams, Charley   African American
McCain, James Franklin   African American
McKellar, Guyton Marines  
McMahan, Charles M.    
McMahan, Tom    
Mills, John Carlisle Army  
Mills, Richelieu    
Moore, Crawford Ennis Navy  
Moore, George    
Moore, Melvin E. Navy  
Morris, James Army  
Morrow, G.W.    
Murphy, Sylvester    
Murray, Barney R.    
Newman, Charles Herman    
Newman, Gus    
Newton, William A.    
Oliver, Maxwell Gordon    
Parker, Henry F.    
Penn, Jasper H.    
Phillips, Robert Army  
Pike, Charles R. Army  
Pinson, Charles J. Navy  
Powell, Henry J.    
Priest, Chester Earl    
Rand, Fred Griffith    
Raney, Wilford    
Rentzel, Charles Max    
Reynal, Edward Werner    
Rhea, Joe E. Marines  
Rhea, Robert P., Jr.    
Rhea, William Edwin    
Riter, Christopher C., Jr.    
Riter, James Christopher    
Roberson, Rastus   African American
Roddy, Rhea G. Army  
Runnels, Tom Pat    
Russell, Argie Hoyle    
Russell, Fred Homer Navy  
Salmon, Tom    
Shaw, Frank   African American, Buried at Prairie View.
Sheltman, Ben L. Army  
Slayton, Eulays E. Army  
Smith, Joe    
Smith, Lawrence    
Solomon, Julius    
Sowell, J. Byron    
Spencer, Rich   African American
Spratt, Greenbury B. Army  
Stanford, R.C. Army  
Staples, Elisha   African American
Stell, Almer   African American
Stone, Charles L.    
Symons, Will    
Talley, Levi   African American
Targton, Johnie Army African American, Buried at Prairie View Cemetery, TX Pvt 22nd Co 165th Depot Brigade - WWI, b. 12 Jan 1889, d. 26 Nov 1965
Taylor, Ernest   African American
Taylor, James Oscar    
Taylor, Louis B.   African American
Taylor, Roy E.    
Tillery, Claude    
Tillery, Lafayette Richard Navy  
Trail, Newton S.    
Trail, Scott P.    
Tune, Thomas Alvin Navy  
Tune, Walter Ray Army  
Tune, Will Army  
Turner, Milton Brown Army  
Van Orden, Garry    
Venner, William Henry Army  
Walker, Dee   African American
Walker, Dewitt    
Walker, Frank   African American
Walker, Jessie   African American
Walker, Lonnie    
Ward, I.H. (A.H.?) Navy  
Ward, John    
Washington, LeRoy   African American
Wiley, Oliver L.    
Williams, Capers    
Wilmarth, Fred    
Wilson, Victor    
Wiser, Grover Cleveland    
Woodring, Clarence G. Army Buried at Hillcrest.
Woods, Louis    
Yates, Herman    
Yates, Louis F.    
York, Joe Army  

Note: African American listings from the Kaufman County GenWeb site, African Americans from Kaufman County who Served in World War I.





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