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Kaufman County TXGenWeb Links
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Misc Items
Main Site
Lewis Academy
Forney Public School
Forney Train Depot
S. Bois d'Arc Street
Forney Volunteer Fire Department - 1912
Forney Football Team
Forney Messenger
Unidentified Forney Photos
Forney's Honor Roll WWI
Forney Bottling Works
St. Martin Catholic Church
1892 Business Directory (scroll down for Forney)
1929 Business Directory (scroll down for Forney)
Brooklyn Lodge
1899 Automobile Trip
McKellar House
Dick P. Moore
Forney Much Wrought Up
Tornadoes Hit Forney (1935)
Early Murders & Bizarre Deaths in Kaufman County (1860-1930)
Murder of Judge Isaac Samuel Wood
McMahan Family Photos (Part 1)
McMahan Family Photos (Part 2)
Thomas C. Tune Photographer
Isaac Briscoe Genealogy
Disappearance of Henry Kirk
Kaufman County Obituaries (many from Forney)
Murder of Jim Peel
John Wein Forney
John M. Lewis
James M. Daugherty Family
John R. Daugherty
Nova James Daugherty
William Henry Daugherty
Mary Louisa Dunnica Johnson
Dr. Ninus Eugene Shands (1848-1926)
Dr. Hilliard Judge Shands (1814-1894
Asa R. Newton
Jacob G. Sheltman
Electa Sawyer Newton Sheltman
Samuel Sylvester Beeman Family
John Riley & Minerva Arrick
Hillcrest Cemetery (Historical Marker)
Prairie View Cemetery/Oakhurst Cemetery
Sheltman Cemetery
Brooks Family Cemetery (Irish Ridge/Talty)
Blackland/Sanders Cemetery
Pleasant Springs Cemetery/Briscoe Family Graveyard
More information on the Pleasant Springs Cemetery
Valley View Cemetery/Cornstalk Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Daugherty Cemetery
Daugherty Black Cemetery
Lone Elm/Shipley Cemetery
Newton Family Cemetery




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