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Just who is the Forney Historic Preservation League and what do we do?

The Forney Historic Preservation League, Inc., a non-profit IRS 501(c)3 organization, has been promoting the preservation of Forney’s heritage since 1985.

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Initially organized to fight a proposed zoning change in one of the town’s historic residential neighborhoods, the FHPL early on expanded its focus.

  1. To identify and document historic sites, structures, objects and districts in and about the City of Forney, Kaufman County, Texas; and to engage in activities which will preserve those sites, structures, objects and districts.
  2. To develop detailed plans for the preservation of historic structures, sites and objects and for future development within the designated historic districts.
  3. To research and publish educational materials on the history and architecture of said structures, sites, objects and districts.
  4. To increase the community’s awareness and appreciation of its heritage as reflected in its historic structures, sites, objects and districts.
  5. To maintain and operate historic places for the public benefit.
  6. To acquire, restore and sell endangered historic structures, sites, etc. to prevent their demolition.
  7. To promote through the establishment and operation of a museum program that will bring about a better understanding and appreciation in the community of the history, culture and natural environment of the Forney area.
  8. To conduct any and all other business necessary for the implementation of the foregoing purposes.

“When we lose an historic place, we lose a part of who we are.”
-National Trust for Historic Preservation

Forney Historic Preservation League
PO Box 317
Forney, TX 75126


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